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LYN COLES, RN, has studied healing modalities of many cultures and has especially focused on medical anthropology and shamanism of Peru. For the past twelve years she has been traveling extensively to the Amazonian Rainforest and the Peruvian Andes/Machu Picchu and at both locations has established a rapport with the local shamans. She has studied their ethno-medicinal approaches to healing and has participated in many shamanic cleansings and healing rituals as well as leading groups on experiential journeys to shamans and sacred sites. In her private practice Lyn offers a variety of these Shamanic techniques of energy balancing, cleansing, and healing techniques as well as Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy, EFT, and Quantum Touch to facilitate self-empowerment and healing for her clients. She also uses NAET acupressure to release blocked energy which causes allergies and other health problems. She continues also to lead groups on spirit quest journeys both locally and around the world.

Lyn says, "
I grew up in the country and spent many hours out in the forest just behind my home, establishing a deep spiritual connection to nature. Now, no matter where I travel, I always feel this same strong connection to the earth and to all of nature’s glorious beauty expressed in the trees, plants, animals, people, mountains, rivers, and all the other diverse landscapes. After experiencing the powerful energies of Peru and its cultures, I became aware that one of my path’s directions in life was to provide others with the opportunity to feel these same connections through experiential situations where interactions could provide the link to connect people with other cultures and other countries and with nature. These cross-cultural experiences lend the opportunity to create not only better understanding of others but then of better self-understanding as well. Therefore I formed Pachamama Journeys. Pachamama means ‘Mother Earth’ in the Quechua language of the South American Indians of the Peruvian Andes."

Gerardo Barrios shares the importance of trees:
It is important when we plant trees in any part of the Earth, because trees not only have the benefits that the ecologists talk about, but the trees have a spiritual reason to live for the planet. The roots of the trees take the energy from the Earth. It flows through the trunk of the tree and it sends it to the heavens. It brings this energy up to the branches and sends it to the cosmos and it also reverses it in the same way. It brings in cosmic energy and brings it through the tree and through the roots and connects it with the earthly energies, connecting the two energies (earth and sky). They are great channels of energetic communication created by taking this energy and merging it on a planetary level. This helps the vibrations of the Earth. It will flow instead of being stuck. One small tree planted by many people can help a great deal."

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