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Feature Presenters
DR. MICHELLE COLES, N.D. received her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA, and her double bachelor of biology and psychology from the University of Illinois. She is now a practicing physician at Tummy Temple in Seattle, Washington, where she treats all types of chronic disease with a special emphasis on cancer, autoimmune disease, and mental/emotional problems. Her approach is to identify and remove the underlying cause of illness, while simultaneously stimulating and supporting the body's inherent healing abilities. Dr. Coles' goal is to restore the body's self-healing and auto-regulation qualities so that life can be lived to its fullest potential. Her tools are homeopathy, detoxification, Craniosacral Therapy, EFT, nutrition, herbal medicine, and flower essences.
AMARU LI is a native Peruvian born in Huaraz. He holds degrees in Psychology, Art and Communication as well as massage and acupuncture and has worked world wide. Amaru's vision is to integrate his native lineage with the new Aquarian frequency. He believes that shamanic consciousness comes from the cosmos through Mother Earth. The consciousness must be grounded in our physical bodies and applied as a Philosophy of Life in order to reach higher consciousness. Amaru teaches that everyone has the inner ability to develop shamanic consciousness in daily life. "By using this energy properly, we have the power to transform any situation and create the reality we truly desire. By opening our hearts to love and our own healing abilities, we become closer to God and One with Mother Earth."…Amaru
DR. CECILE LOCKE is a healer, a liberated woman, and a physician.  She spent the summer of 1968 in La Paz, Bolivia on mission work that inspired her to get a BA from Indiana University in Anthropology and Archaeology with an emphasis on Central and South American Indian cultures.  Her anesthesia practice has widened to include craniosacral manipulation, acupuncture, healing touch, energy balancing, allergy elimination, plus the use of herbs, homeopathy, and vitamins.  She helps guide the people to grow as individuals and expand their identities as spirits having a human experience.
DR. ROBERT LOCKE has been an anesthesiologist for thirty years.  Prior to that he was in pharmacy school.  Ten years ago a personal healing experience led him to studying healing techniques from numerous teachers.  He has found a home in combining acupuncture with other healing techniques to facilitate others in their own healing experience.  Dr. Bob enjoys connecting with ancient and modern healing techniques and the healing powers of mother earth.
ELVIS LUNA is a gifted Amazonian artist and award-winning writer whose artwork and writing capture the mysteries of the jungle.  Prior student of world-famous Peruvian artist-shaman Pablo Amaringo, Elvis Luna paints and teaches art at the Amazonian Art Institute deep in the Amazon Basin.  He also conducts a humanitarian program with children of the rainforest by offering them free art classes as an opportunity for self-expression and learning.  Elvis's art has been on exhibit in 12 other countries, including Peru, England, and the USA.
CURLY BEAR WAGNER, in recent years, has become known throughout the West as one of the foremost cultural leaders of Plains Indian tribes and one of Montana’s most colorful and dedicated ambassadors.  In his capacity as the Blackfeet Cultural Director, he successfully worked to return the skeletal remains of 29 tribal members to Montana from Washington, DC; has worked to register the Sweet Grass Hills in the National Register of Historic Landmarks; and has constantly toiled to identify and preserve sacred sites in and around the Blackfeet Reservation.  The great grandson of Chief Red Crow, Curly Bear works diligently to save and enhance the culture of his people.  He has developed a cultural program for visitors to the Blackfeet Reservation and offers presentations during the summer at Glacier National Park.  During the rest of the year, Curly Bear tours the US speaking on Blackfeet history and culture.

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