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Peru, South America
Peru Adventure Journey
Cusco, Machu Picchu, Andes Mountains, and to the Heart of the Peruvian Amazon
This unique opportunity will appeal to the truly adventurous who enjoy camping, hiking, exploring, and interacting with people of other cultures and with nature in the pristine rainforest and in the Andes! We offer an expedition in two phases -- first hiking in the Andes Mountains to explore ancient Inca ruins, then next by living with rainforest dwellers deep in the Amazon.

We will explore the Inca ruins around Cusco in the Andes Mountains and also hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Next we will fly into the Amazon and travel ten hours by local riverboat (in our hammocks) up the Amazon River. Departing our boat, we will then hike to a tributary and arrive at a village where we will stay in a thatched-roof huts up on stilts. Here you will learn about the native culture and also explore the rainforest by hiking, canoeing, and boating. Native guides will share their knowledge of medicinal plants as they help you look for monkeys, sloth, tropical birds, pink dolphins, and other jungle animals, fish for piranha, barracuda, and other fish, and go night boating to search for caiman (alligators) and other nocturnal animals. We will all pitch in to help cook our meals over the open fire and portage where necessary from one village to our second village stop.

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