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New Mexico Spirit Quest
Pachamama Journeys and Associated Healing Arts

The Land of Enchantment
September 14 - 21, 2002

Join BOB, CECILE, and LYN in a wonderful adventure:
You must be prepared for the unpreparable, the unbelievable, the unknown, and the spiritual. The trip will be what we as a group make it to be. We are the manifesters and what a better place to manifest than in the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico.

Are you searching for your true self? This is definitely our goal in life. Together in the beauty and seclusion of some of the most sacred places of the American South West we will ask Spirit to guide us to ourselves. We will also ask Spirit to show us the way we could live our lives here at home in a sacred and special manner every moment of now. One of the spiritual truths is to ask for and you will receive. We have found that a group of loving beings with a group purpose can help each other achieve their purpose so much easier than alone. We have worked with groups several times with a spirit quest in mind and we have found extreme pleasure in observing how Spirit works when we let it.

Itinerary includes water falls ceremony, sage ceremony, chakra balancing, mineral spring baths, visit Taos Pueblo (home of living Indians), ancient cliff dwellings, ancient spiritual astrological site (Chimney Rock), and ancient, ancient, ancient, ancient spiritual site (Chaco Canyon), old Toltec and Combres Train ride, and SHOPPING.

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