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Pachamama Journeys Presents
The Healing Power of Essential Oils
A Free Seminar
Featuring guest speakers Frank Smietana of Boston and Jill Taylor of Indianapolis
March 20, 2004

Indy Sportsplex
(3 miles west of Zionsville)
5964 S. 700 E.
Whitestown, IN
Click here for map.


What are Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils?

How can Essential Oils support my immune system and my whole life health & wellness?

How can Essential Oils enhance my personal and professional success?

Essential oils can have therapeutic benefits that go beyond their use for pleasure in the bath and candles. Join us for the first in a six part series where we explain how essential oils can support your health and your body's natural healing process.

Learn the differences between therapeutic and lesser grade essential oils and their impact on the healing process. Discover ways you can use pure, quality, organic essential oils in your daily life to support and regain your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Come learn about this fascinating subject on Saturday, March 20th, from 2:30 to 4:00PM at the Indy Sportsplex. Bring friends and increase your chances of winning exciting door prizes!

Register now if possible but walk-ins also accepted.
Frank Smietana, BS (Computer Science, Mathematics, & German Literature) lives outside of Boston, MA where he and his wife Barbara lecture frequently on the role of essential oils in empowering people to take charge of their personal health care decisions. Frank spent 15 years as a robotics programmer in the Quality Control labs of Eli Lilly & Co. where he became intimately familiar with pharmaceutical manufacturing and QC processes.

Frank was introduced to therapeutic grade essential oils in 1996, and shortly after integrating the oils into his life he was able to completely discontinue the regimen of antibiotics for treating chronic upper respiratory tract infections that had plagued him for over 10 years, and has been free of both antibiotics and illness since then. This epiphany led him to question much of what is considered 'best practices' in the modern medical-pharmaceutical complex and to explore the myriad holistic alternatives that facilitate vibrant health without promoting dependency, tolerance and the dangerous side effects common to so many drug-based treatments.

Jill Taylor, BS Ed has been lecturing on one of today's most profound alternative health modalities backed by the latest scientific research for over 6 years. She has studied the science and history of essential oils in many cities throughout the U.S., as well as in France and Egypt. Jill has been a corporate trainer for Young Living Essential oils which included lectures in the U.S. and Canada.

Since her introduction into the world of alternative health care choices prior to her second son's birth 21 years ago, Jill has developed a passion for sharing her knowledge with those interested in taking charge of their own health. She has applied her education skills in the areas of music education, special education, natural childbirth, nutritional consulting, Waldorf education, psycho/emotional facilitation, and communication seminars. Jill's enthusiasm for Young Living oils and products is a result of her alignment with the philosophies and ideals of the founder of Young Living Essential Oils. Given adequate knowledge, Jill believes anyone can make a dramatic difference in their health, longevity, and quality of life.

Lyn Coles, RN, EFT-CC...Former neurology research nurse coordinator/educator at Indiana University Medical Center, Lyn was involved in various research projects including investigational drug studies submitted for study by pharmaceutical companies. She has also worked as charge nurse in a coronary care unit and in other research positions. Even while involved in these allopathic settings she would observe how patients responded favorably to various non-traditional techniques that she would offer for correcting symptoms through holistic approaches.

Eight years ago Lyn began the full-time exploration of various holistic approaches to health and healing. She is now a practicing holistic health nurse at her offices in Zionsville and Noblesville. "My goal is to help people regain physical and emotional balance (homeostasis) and to do so safely, gently and effectively. Energy blockages can be the cause of stuck negative emotions, pain, allergies, and many of the physical ailments and conditions affecting our health today. Working with the energy meridians and chakras to release these blockages then allows the body to regain balance." Lyn strives to bring education and self-empowerment to her clients. She says, "One way people can self-empower themselves is by learning about and using therapeutic grade essential oils." To read more about Lyn's holistic practice, visit her website at Lyn also leads groups on spiritual and healing journeys to Peru and other locations. See more information on this website (

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