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Pachamama Journeys Presents
Basic Workshop
The Eyes of the Puma
"The Jampi Qanchay"

Amaru Li - Peruvian Shaman

Lyn Coles - Energy Light Worker

The Jampi Qanchay is a spiritual, emotional, psychological, and physical improvement model to be used by those who seek inner peace, spiritual strength, and a healthy mind & body. It represents the sacred circle of life, the basic four directions, and the elements.

This class covers an introduction to Shamanism from Amaru Li's lineage. The Jampi Qanchay is a rediscovery of potential and personal power in a world where we have forgotten our part in the circle of creation. Through the practice of meditation, prayer, sound, and movement, we restore our faith in the creative manifestation of life. The class will cover practices working with the Qanchay (Light), the Luminous Body, the Yachay, the Consciousness and Awareness, and practices of focus, intention, and meditation. Through movement, the Tusuy Qanchay, the class will initiate movements which connect you to the directions, the elements, and the archetypes. The first class teaches a process of energy balancing, called La Limpia. This process incorporates sacred techniques that were transmitted to Amaru from his grandmother "Dona Alicia" and other healers from Peru.

This class is a pre-requisite for all Advanced Program classes.

A two day class:
Oct 1, 2004:
6 - 9pm
Oct 2, 2004:
9am - 12noon

Indy Sportsplex
5964 S. 700 E.
Whitestown, IN
(3 miles west of Zionsville)

Click here for map.

$150 (pre-registration appreciated but walk-ins accepted)

View the Registration Form here
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Shamanic Training Classes

Basic Workshop
Eyes Of The Puma

"The Jampi Qanchay"

Advanced Program
Peruvian Shaman Medicine Wheel

Series of 4 workshops
(Can be taken in any order after
completing the Basic Workshop.)

"The Limpia Shamanic Extraction"
"Recovering Soul Essence"
"Channeling and Divination"
"Cosmology and Rituals"

Mastery Training
Path of the Shaman

Series of 3 workshops
(Can be taken in any order after completing
the Basic Workshop and at least any two
of the Advanced Program series.)

"Shamanan and Curanderos Art of Healing"
"Advanced Shamanic Extraction"
"Advanced Soul Retrieval"

For a private shamanic session with Amaru and Lyn

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