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Peru, South America
Adventure in the Rainforest
Amazon Rainforest
July 29 - August 7, 2004

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For the past seven years Lyn has been leading trips into the Amazon rainforest where she has established a rapport with the local shamans and other indigenous inhabitants. This journey will bring you into the pristine forest, a returning to the womb of Mother Earth where you have the opportunity for a cross-cultural convergence and where you can re-balance your body, mind and spirit. The awesome diversity which abounds here is the perfect hideaway in which to rejuvenate in a safe, secluded lodge in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon.

You will explore nature and the rainforest with expert native guides who will lead you on your own choice of activities which can include canoeing, hiking, boating, fishing, medicinal walks, bird watching, looking for monkeys, sloth, dart frogs, pink fresh water dolphins, visits with local villagers, and buying or trading with locals for wood carvings and woven crafts, blowguns, hand crafted jewelry, and other items unique to the Amazon. You may also wish to ascend to the top of the forest canopy via a rope and chair harness system—upon reaching the top you overlook the magnificent rainforest.

Those who are interested in learning more about the shamans’ ways of healing may travel with Lyn to the local shamans’ camps for ceremonial opportunities. There you will have opportunity to learn more about the indigenous interconnections with nature and with the spirits of the forest. You may participate in various rituals such as flower essence ceremonies, cleansing river clay washes, herbal healing bathes, shamanic energy readings and other rituals with the Amazonian shamans.

The main lodge provides screened bedrooms and walkways connecting to the showers and toilets and to the large screened activity and dining room overlooking a beautiful tributary of the mighty Amazon River. Meals include exotic tropical juices squeezed daily by the fabulous chef. Vegetarian meals also provided upon request.

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