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Pachamama Journeys Presents
Shaman Archetypes
Two Day Workshop
Presented by Amaru Li & Lyn Coles
Shaman Archetypes
Two Day Workshop

June 24-25, 2006
10am - 4pm (each day)

Zionsville, Indiana (northwest edge of INDIANAPOLIS - details about location will be sent with registration)

(for two days)

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This is one of several new classes that will be offered as training from Amaru’s lineage of Peruvian shamanism. Participants will learn to focus on their innate shamanic abilities to receive spiritual power and guidance. Amaru will teach techniques from shamans and “curanderos” on the art of healing from different regions of Peru. This will impart an advanced understanding of the knowledge of visionary shamanic work for those who desire to increase and expand their knowledge. This class can benefit everyone because the skills you obtain will be useful for your own life’s path. These classes help sharpen and increase your intuitive powers for your personal growth and, if you are in the healing arts,these skills will also be extremely helpful when combined with your own current techniques. Whether you are experienced in shamanism or whether the field is new to you, please feel free to join us, as each of you will gain deep knowledge from this class.

Shaman Archetypes
Students will learn the mystic healer archetypes in Andean Cosmology using their shamanic tools and rituals. Students will journey and channel: Archetype and myth of the Condor: The visionary Archetype and myth of the Puma: The warrior Archetype and myth of the Snake: The wise The class will cover diagnosing and treatment recovering spiritual and psychological well being. Participants will focus deep in working with their "Mesa" (shaman's medicine bundle) which will allow to expand their spiritual power with their shamanic tools.

Where: Zionsville, Indiana (northwest edge of INDIANAPOLIS-details about location will be sent with registration)

Go to under Amaru's workshop information to print off registration form.

E-mail Lyn with any questions.

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