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I have attended all of the workshops that Amaru has lead in the Zionsville area since his introductory one last April. I have experienced a steady internal movement toward feeling more solidly present, joyful, and confident. Since the December class I am much more aware of my shadow side showing itself. I am very pleased about this as I have understood the concept for several years and wanted to experience being aware of my shadow side in the moment and thus able to bring it to the light. I am starting to understand by experience Amaru saying that what he teaches is a self-improvement program. It certainly is for me.

A few days after attending the Divination and Channeling Class I walked into a restaurant toting my newly borrowed deck of Angel Oracle Cards. I planned to draw one myself before eating. When I went to the counter to order, the cashiere noticed them and asked what they were. I explained a little and then noticed that she still was very interested. I asked her if she wanted to draw one and she said yes. The card was right on for her.

I gathered my food, found a table and drew my own card before starting to eat. It was the music one.( um....glad I have purchased some new CD's recently). Soon the cashiere brought another employee round to my table to draw a card. Again, the second young woman's card was just what she needed. One by one all five of the crew came to draw an angel card. The last one said she was trying to persuade the boss to come, but he wasn't much into this sort of thing. I smiled to myself thinking that this isn't for everyone and started to get up to leave. I looked up and here he came....he wanted to know if my meal was ok and by the way, could he draw one of those cards. He said " none of those cards are bad or anything are they?" I said no, but just in case I was wrong, I was sure he'd draw it and we would know. He smiled at the good natured teasing and then drew his card. As usual, I stood back about four feet to give lots of room for privacy as he read the meaning of his card in the book and then asked if it made sense to him. As with the other folks who had drawn a card, it did. He felt assured about a recent decision he had made. We were all smiling and waving at one another as I walked out of the door. What fun!! I and they had been truly fed.

My internal radar, my intuition, my leading, my gut feeling is that this was no random occurance nor coincidence. I believe this all unfolded as a result of my having attended the Divination and Channeling Class. That is, I experienced the energy of divination being funneled into the particular tool of angel oracle cards on this occasion.


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