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Comments from attendees of the Shamanic Training Classes and also from private sessions with Amaru Li and Lyn.

I have attended all of the workshops that Amaru has lead in the Zionsville area since his introductory one last April. I have experienced a steady internal movement toward feeling more solidly present, joyful, and confident. Since the December class I am much more aware of my shadow side showing itself. (Read more...)

As always, this workshop was wonderful. I am so glad I came. The journeys were fabulous and I felt very supported. It felt like a safe space, and a very loving, accepting atmosphere. I enjoyed all the exercises, both doing and receiving, and the journey to the three levels was extremely powerful and very healing.

I've been working in the field of energy healing for over 11 years and find it easier to track and enter altered states since working with Amaru Li. Thank you. I would highly recommend these classes and I am looking forward to continuing studying with Amaru.


I am hooked - loved every minute. Definitely I'll be back. Amaru is wonderful!


These classes have been wonderful experiences for me. Amaru is a very good teacher. I feel a connection with his linage. I have gotten a lot out of each class and each time we have more explained of what a shaman is the more I come to understand what my healing powers mean. I truly enjoyed this class. Thank you Lyn and thank you Amaru for giving me this experience of learning. Lyn you have done a wonderful job in getting everything together.

The directions were very good. I am looking forward to the next classes.


Very powerful, useful, and illuminating. May we continue to journey together spreading truth and creating community. Munay.


Lyn and Amaru, thank you both for the private session. It was both affirming and confirming. Now to draw that eagle and deer near and to integrate it all. What possibilities! Watch out world...

Since attending the introductory workshop with Amaru and having a private session, I am noticing several things. One is a feeling of more well being and more solidly present. Also, I've been asking my power animals to take me to retrieve pieces of my spirit. I have done some soul retrieval work within the last few years and so this is not new to me. However, since my session with Amaru, more memories have surfaced which were occasions for soul loss for me and I know it is time to retreive them. This is a new dimension that has particularly opened since the April sessions with Amaru---this consistently getting more and more of me back. I am glad this door has opened and am looking forward to the next workshop.

I thought the group session was fabulous and my "horse" from the private session is still pawing the ground and whinnying. This morning I feel just great! My friend who also attended said that the energy in the session was extremely powerful. Please keep me posted about Amaru's future classes.

Hi Lyn, My friend and I really enjoyed last evening. We are both interested in the Jampi Qanchay training. Thank you for sharing Gods love and healing with all last eve. I feel really terrific today. I have been working on releasing spirits from a past life and feel perhaps that last evening was just what I needed to help me with that situation so a special thanks from me.

Thank you Lyn and Amaru for last night. I've already received emails from the group about how much they appreciated it. I'm sure some of them will be contacting you about the classes in June.

Lyn, I just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity to meet with Amaru and others who are on the same path. I had a wonderful experience on Saturday and my friend also had some important things revealed to her at her session on Sunday. The coolest thing for her was seeing the minister of her church at the session and discovering they are like-minded! She was THRILLED! It was once again the magic of the universe falling into place.

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